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Patek Philippe Replica Watches launches a new model to celebrate this milestone in horology. One hundred years after its iconic Mikrograph timekeeper was released, it is the first watch that could measure within 1/100ths of a second. The new Patek Philippe Replica Watches Carrera Micrograph Anniversary Edition is the archetype of the model, able to track the time with the same accuracy. The movement's additional chronograph function operates at a speed of 50 Hz. This steel watch also has a unique case design that can be mounted in a car dashboard or converted to a table clock. The limited edition Mikrograph centenary is only available in 100 copies, and costs $21,000.

The Stop Watch that Made its Mark on WatchmakingHistoryThe original Mikrograph, which was introduced a hundred years ago, is not only one of most important pieces of watchmaking history but also the history of the brand. The original Mikrograph was the first watch that could track events to a precision of one hundredth of a second.topreplicashop.com Charles-Auguste Heuer developed the piece in collaboration with Valjoux, Minerva and other brands. The three brands involved in the design of the piece are owned by three separate conglomerates. Patek Philippe Replica Watches, Valjoux and Minerva are all owned by LMVH. Swatch Group owns Valjoux and Richemont bought Minerva and integrated it into Montblanc.

The Mikrograph was originally a stopwatch. Saint-Imier, as a tribute, made sure the new piece could be styled the same, and can also serve as a watch on the dashboard of a vehicle. The round Carrera part can be detached from the rest of case, and then placed on either of the two mountings provided with the watch. This is how the model can be converted from a wristwatch into its other supported forms, which is a cool trick.

Other references to the archetype stopwatch are also made. The newcomer's housing features the "bullhead" design, which was common in these timepieces. The crown is located on top of the case, not at 12 o'clock as is usual for wristwatches. The crown is large and spherical, with ridges. Meanwhile, the pushers have a mushroom-style design. These two shapes are also more common in vintage stop watches.

The other features of the construction are that the watch is housed in a 45-mm diameter stainless steel case.Panerai Luminor Base Replica The front side of the piece, which has a fixed bezel, is sapphire glass. While the back is solid metal. The watch has a water resistance of 100 meters.